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About me

  • About me

    Blue eyes, brown hair.
  • Music

    One day I'll make a glog listing all the bands are artist. But I'll just say for now that I'm a TMB fangirl.


    Misfits, any Alfred Hitchcock films, Starkid, Red Dwarf, Sherlock, Midsommer Murders, Doctor Who, Job Hunters, Chronicles of Syntax, Squaresville, LBD, etc. I like a lot more BBC too.
  • Lifestyle

    I love to listen to music and make art. I do mostly paper craft but I try to do as many different types as I can.


    Wish I could play sport but every time I run it damages my hip. Supports Richmond Tigers in the AFL. So far I've met Matthew Arnot, Jack Riewoldt, Benny Griffiths, Dylan Grimes, Brad Miller, Jake King
  • Arts

    EVERYTHING. I can't go a day without folding paper. I'm taking Studio Art, 3D art and the school magazine at school.


    DFTBA Currently reading: Childrens' books such as Kipper and Hairy Mclary.


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